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What happened with yesterday’s blog?

Good morning,


I must have deleted all my text when I posted the picture into the blog yesterday morning.

I had posted the S criptures and had begun to post my O bservations… but when I went back last night to finish, all that was there was the photo! It was that way all day…

That has happened before, but I usually catch it.

Sorry about that. It’s a little late, but it’s all there now. I couldn’t miss posting about David and Goliath!

Have a great day!


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One thought on “What happened with yesterday’s blog?

  1. Having my own Goliaths, I want to br more like David. When Saul tried to give him weapons and other means of protection it was awkward. David knew all he needed was the Lord our God. I still don’t understand why Saul asked him whose son he was? I Samuel 18:14 speaking about David, In everything he did he had great success as the Lord was with him. Father remind me when I get scared that you love us like you loved David. And help me step into what you have just for me.

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