Vineyard Life Journal

An online forum for our church family to connect around our 2012 daily Bible reading plan using the S.O.A.P. method.


Hello fellow Life Journal-ers!

I’d like to commend you now having journeyed through the first

100 days

of our Life Journal Bible reading plan.

I know many of you (because you have told me) have at times, struggled to keep up. Many of you have kept up with the reading, but your journalling has lagged. Others are a few days or a few weeks behind…

Let me encourage you to keep at it.

I struggled last year more than this year, mainly due to being so publicly committed to this journey and helping to lead the charge. But I do know firsthand how difficult it can be to keep up.

I know how it feels when someone has already read today’s installment and you haven’t… or worse, knowing that you’re behind… What do you say? How do you handle it?

Just be honest. Don’t pretend. Certainly don’t exaggerate. And don’t kick yourself.

I have found that listening to the readings while driving is a great way to catch up. With so many of us having smart phones with internet access, it’s easy! If I fell behind, I’d catch up by listening to, say, all of 2 Corinthians at once, then all of 1 Samuel (to help with continuity.)

The good news is you have come this far! You probably have read more of the Bible than you did last year, and for many of you, maybe more than ever before!

I also wanted to let you know how much I’m looking forward to our get-together this coming Saturday morning, April 14 at 10:00 AM in the Lodge at the Vineyard.

We’ll provide the coffee! If you like, bring a breakfast item to share… and we’ll fellowship around our journey thus far!

May God bless us all and speak to our hearts as we read and apply his word to our lives!



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