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Day 59.5 (Leap Day)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Welcome to Day 59.5 of our Life Journal!

The Life Journal reading plan apparently didn’t make provision for February 29, 2012 (Leap Day!) lol… Ummm… OK.

We have now completed two months of our Life Journal journey together!

Since we have a “day off,” here’s what I thought we’d do…

What if we all review our journals and share the one thing that has stood out to you thus far… the one insight or observation, the one thing you think the Lord has been showing you through this process.

What has God been showing or speaking to you about?

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21 thoughts on “Day 59.5 (Leap Day)

  1. Scott Sliver on said:

    For me, the thing that has stood out, just about every day, is “trust.” How much God wants us to simply TRUST Him… for provision, for protection, for direction…

    Numbers 14:11, “The LORD said to Moses, “How long will these people treat me with contempt? How long will they refuse to believe in me, in spite of all the signs I have performed among them?”

  2. Mark Long on said:

    Be faithful. Whether its time or resources or being faithful in not doing things that are sinful or just take my time, mind and focus off of Him. For me being faithful with my daily devotions is a first step and not letting the pressures of the world hinder that.

  3. Jamie Sullivan on said:

    First of all, that’s hilarious-59 1/2! The thing that has stood out to me the most is trusting God no matter what the situation. I’ve read the Bible through before but I never realized how paralleled it is to our times today. We still face the same issues and deal with them in the same manner and sometimes we keep going around that mountain when the promise land is right before our eyes…we just can’t seem to see it. However, in learning from the Bible, I personally have and still am learning to look even harder for the promised land so as not to keep going around an around! Another thing that the Life journal is teaching me is to “Press in” to God even harder than ever before! I can actually feel myself press into Him! Grace and mercy…mercy and grace! I love this journal and I’m so very grateful for you, Scott, taking time to do this for us and with us everyday! I’m also grateful to the entire staff at Vineyard for being in agreement to do the Life Journal as a Church family! God bless and enjoy this Leap-day!

  4. Just to sit back and wait on the lord. I am going to take today and reflect on his love and direction in my life.

  5. God’s patience and protection are beyond measure! We get to see behind the scenes in so many of these stories–or we at least know the ending. The back story is always that God is working out something great. It all points to the coming Savior.

    I’ve been reminded over and over how thankful I am that Jesus took the punishment we should have had and paid for it with His life!

  6. Day 59.5 is so funny! You have such a gift to make people laugh and smile. You always brighten my day Scott.

    I am just overwhelmed by how much God loves us. It leaves me speechless, humbled, empowered, and inspired all at the same time.

  7. Lisa Green on said:

    Well my first thought is even the reading plan was forced to take a sabbath!

  8. Great! I didn’t wanna jump ahead so waited to see what to do. I think the thing that stands out the most is that what God has for me is for me and that none of it can be snatched away. As is His love for us. Perfect divine genuine love. I Corinthians13:8 love never fails.

  9. Dan Talbott on said:

    Yes, trust in the Lord what He says he will do. I have so much to learn yet. He has been exceedingly merciful and good to me. Also God delights in our obedience to him, where i am safe, in his care and protection Why then would i want to go back to Egypt? Scott, thanks again for taking the time to give us your thoughts and pictures.and fun comments.

  10. God is reminding me about how extravagant his love is and how I need to show that extravagant love to others. Being selfless and servant minded.

    This community has been such a blessing to me. A life changing experience. Thank you!

  11. Anonymous on said:

    God’s patience and love for the Israelites and us and Moses strong faith stands out to me. My prayer is for God to anoint me with increasing Love, Patience and deep Faith. “GOD IS TO BE LIFTED HIGH”

  12. What I keep noticing is how I am reminded to follow God’s plan for my life. I need to be always mindful of what God wants me to do instead of trying to pick my own path.
    Also, I think it is so cool that all the people posting here so far have different things they are taking away from this. God is so amazing!

  13. First, I am still astounded by the thought of so many people in the area reading and digging into His word. I am seeing such amazing things starting to happen. Hearts are turning to Jesus.

    From scripture, I am noting that in the past, I would read stories about the Israelites and/or the disciples when they wouldn’t get something or turn away from God after all the miracles and think to myself, “How can they be so thick in skull?” This time through, I am getting more application to myself and our present culture thinking, “How can I be so thick in the skull, oh me of little faith?”

    Even though there is not scripture, I would still like to offer this prayer.

    Father God. Thank you for your word and your presence over our church, city, state, nation and world. We forget you way to easy despite the amazing things you have done throughout history and are still doing today. May we continue to focus on you and your will for our lives, not our own motives. Your ways are always greater than ours. Thank you for this day of rest, and my we spend it resting in your glory and presence, Lord. And on this Leap Day, let our hearts leap for joy that can only be found in You. In Jesus mighty name! Amen.

  14. Lynn Frazier on said:

    The thing that really stood out to me….God’s grace and mercy! His plan of salvation pictured in the old testament over and over. He has provided the perfect sacrifice for us. Jumping to the new testament I love to read about the miracles and healings. One of my favorites, the woman who knew if she could just touch Jesus’ clothes she would be healed. I love that! Thanks Scott , for sharing your thoughts and insights with us ( and for making it more fun).

  15. Lynn Frazier on said:

    Oh…and what about that talking donkey…. Can you imagine?

  16. The theme that I have is focus on the Lord. If you think about it, being a Christian is very simple (for us in the land of the free). If I focus on what He wants for me, the rest is pretty trivial. Our challenge comes when life distracts our focus from Him and we allow things to get between us and God. Life is not easy, and at times we are in perilous circumstances. But if we focus on God, realize that He is with us, we know we’ll make it through.

    Overall I’ve read the Bible several times, but I must say that this time I’m actually learning & retaining a great deal. The LifeJournal is enjoyable.

  17. Scott Sliver on said:

    I noticed on my YouVersion Bible ap on my iPhone that their plan didn’t skip Leap Day… But, the printed Life Journals and the site (the official Life Journal program) both skip Leap Day… and end on December 31. The other version now end on Dec 30… so… some of our friends may be a day ahead of us!

  18. Scott Sliver on said:

    Thanks for all your comments! You make this a lot more fun and interesting! Some great insights and observations!

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