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Please post a comment : )

Good morning everyone!

I have a favor to ask… I know you are all busy, and I am well aware of the amount of time it takes to read and do the SOAP exercise…

We have more than 200 views of this blog EVERY DAY. There’s not a day that goes by when someone doesn’t say, “Hey, I read your blog!” or “I do my SOAP then compare it to yours.” So we know people are looking on…

But I have a favor to ask…

Once in a while, take a moment and post a comment, however brief. Share your insight, an observation…
This is meant to be community-building, but in order for that to happen, we need to know who’s participating!
I’m not asking you to comment every day, but once in a while, ok? This journal is not supposed to be about me, but about US, sharing this experience together.
I look forward to hearing from you!
God bless!

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4 thoughts on “Please post a comment : )

  1. K, I will! This is about yesterday. Why did Jesus spit ti heal someone? And where did he spit, in the man, in the man’s mouth, in the ground? I know that’s not very in depth but it just struck me. This is not the first time he spit and healed a man.

  2. When I was a child I acted like a child. Now that I am a man, I have put away childish things.

    Wait, what? Now that I am an old man I forgot where I put all my stuff.

  3. It this where I should apologize for being windy with my comments?

  4. marcyj5800 on said:

    Numbers 30 was a bit of a challenge for me. Up til now, I really didn’t think I had ‘drunk the feminist kool-aide’ – but some of these verses raised my hackles. When I read that God would overlook promises or vows women had made who were living either with their father or with a husband, my instant response was,’SOOOO – we’re too weak willed to carry out our word, huh?! (compare verses 3,6-8). But then I went to the Lord with this and found out I have a bit of an issue with pride and accepting grace. I think the whole tenor of this passage is to not make a vow at all – male or female. When I think about it, it seems like God is saying that a vow or promise is based on our own ability to carry out future intentions. The truth is….we have no clue what the future holds for us. We should either do what we intend to do today or not. Let our ‘yes be yes, and our no, be no’ (James 5:12, Mat. 5:34). The picture of a woman under the headship of a father or husband may be pointing towards Christ as the One who enables us to fulfill our intentions in His Strength, as He Wills. He is the Ultimate Promise Maker and Promise Keeper. So my challenge is – do I take the grace He clearly offers me? As for me and the ‘foot in my mouth’….I’ll take the grace. marcy lewis

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