Vineyard Life Journal

An online forum for our church family to connect around our 2012 daily Bible reading plan using the S.O.A.P. method.

Just fyi… My deadline is 8 AM : )

In case you have been wondering, my commitment is to have this blog posted by 8:00 AM each day!



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4 thoughts on “Just fyi… My deadline is 8 AM : )

  1. Samantha Cassanio on said:

    This journal is working!!! I have a hard time remembering what I have read, so this is the best I have ever studied ANYTHING!

  2. Anonymous on said:

    i find myself wanting to know a WHOLE lot more about Mary….and i can’t believe how old people in the o.t. were living when they were having children….yes, i’ve read it before but it’s hitting me differently now….crazy huh?!

  3. maren gray on said:

    oh…that was me….by the way

  4. Glad to hear that Samantha! You too Maren! Thanks for taking this journey with me! We’ll see how we are doing six weeks from now! Starting is easy… : )

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