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An online forum for our church family to connect around our 2012 daily Bible reading plan using the S.O.A.P. method.

How does this work?

Welcome to our LifeJournal blog! We will be posting each day based upon the 2012 Daily Bible Reading Plan beginning January 1, 2012. As you follow along using your own Life Journal, feel free to comment to this blog, sharing your own insights!

As we read God’s word, we begin to see how God responds to things. Doing daily devotions re-patterns the way we think and transforms our mind. Then when we face similar situations as Jesus did, we begin to respond in the same way.

 Journaling is an excellent way to both record and process what God has spoken to us. It’s also a useful tool to use at a later time, to reflect on and review some of the ‘gems’ that you have received. Without writing them down, you may forget those blessings and some very important lessons! And while journaling is a very personal time with the Lord, you may want to share some of your daily journaling with your small group or mentors. Through discussion, you may be able to look deeper into what God is speaking to you, gain new insight and even encourage others.

What is S.O.A.P.?

for Scripture

Open your Bible to the reading found under today’s date of our Daily Reading Plan. Take time reading and allow God to speak to you. When you are done, look for a verse that particularly spoke to you that day, and write it in your journal.

for Observation

What do you think God is saying to you in this scripture? Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and reveal Jesus to you. Paraphrase and write this scripture down in your own words, in your journal.

for Application 

Personalize what you have read, by asking yourself how it applies to your life right now. Perhaps it is instruction, encouragement, revelation of a new promise, or corrections for a particular area of your life. Write how this scripture can apply to you today.

for Prayer 

This can be as simple as asking God to help you use this scripture, or it may be a greater insight on what He may be revealing to you. Remember, prayer is a two way conversation, so be sure to listen to what God has to say! Now, write it out.

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4 thoughts on “How does this work?

  1. Genesis 15, 16, 17; Luke 6

    15:1 “the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision.”
    v. 4 “the word of the Lord came to him”
    v. 5 “He took him (A) outside and said”
    v. 7 “He also said to him”
    v. 9 “So the Lord said to him”
    v. 13 (as A slept) the Lord said to him”
    v. 18 “on that day the Lord made a covenant with A and said”

    16:7 “the angel of the Lord found Hagar”
    v. 8 “and He said” to Hagar
    v. 9 “then the angel of the Lord told her”
    v. 11 “the Lord also said to her”

    17:1 “the Lord appeared to him (A) and said”
    v. 3 (A fell down on his face) “God said”
    v. 9 “then God said to A”
    v. 15 “God also said to A”

    WHO is speaking?

    15 – Word of the Lord
    the Word of theLord came in a vision
    the Word of the Lord came to him
    He (Word of the Lord) took him outside
    said to him
    (the Lord) made a covenant with A

    16 – Angel of the Lord
    the angel of the Lord found Hagar
    told Hagar

    17 – The Lord (messenger?) appeared, “God said”
    The Lord appeared to A
    God said v. 3,9, 15

    Application – How will I be different?
    I continue to learn what an awesome communicator the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is. I will be different the more I “listen” because He is speaking to me! His desire is to have a vital, growing, deep and maturing personal relationship with me.

    Father, the idea of your having the desire to be involved in my life in such a way as to be tangible to me, still blows my mind. You are the God of the universe, for heavens sake! Still, you know the number of hairs on my head at any given time in my day. You know where I am at all times (with no GPS), you know my thoughts, my needs, my desires, dreams and heartache . With all of that your word gives the message to me that you are the God who communicates in may ways with me. Lord, I pray to learn to turn up the volume so that I do not miss what you are saying to me 24/7. Worries, cares and distraction of my day can drown out your voice when I am not paying attention. Jesus you remind me that you are the author and perfecter of my faith. You advise me to keep my focus on you. That is my prayer, I don’t want to miss what your are communicating to me.

  2. Father you gave such explicit instructions and not only that but you attached an awesome promise to it all. You were telling Israel that if they feared, honored and obeyed you, you would totally take care of them on every level.

    You covered all necessities of life in chapter 23. I believe all of that still stand and is valid Lord. Now because of what Jesus did on the cross, it is doable. Now I have you living in me to help me to actually be able to choose to live that way. It was law alone to them at that time, they did not have you living in them to actually realize that that is to be the lifestyle of one who is loved by you and also loves you back.

    You are such an awesome Father! All of Exodus 23 reminds me of John 14:21

    “Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who love me. the one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them.”

    Thank you Father for consistently teaching me your ways and even making it possible for me to joyfully and confidently look forward to becoming all you have in mind for me to be. (Romans 5:2 LB)

  3. I recently married the woman of my dreams and we have been blessed by god bringing us together and i do believe he has been talking to me to get to church i work every sunday so it is hard i remember ur church and i do believe that ur church is just lke willow creek church in barrington ill i went their and loved it soi was eading your daily bible blog about listening to what god s saying to u (me), so i am asking and i must be asking the rigt place cause god put ur church on my heart i need help to help me understand when he is talking to me or how hes telling me. In gods name. David

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